About Angie

ad_image_small_05I have, and continue to spend many hours of study, training and money to acquire the highest level of qualifications in my field. I am committed to brining my clients the cutting edge skills and information that the fitness industry has to offer.

My form of training is my own unique blend of Kettlebells, functional training, and cross fit training. I design programs that utilise multiple energy sytems and muscle groups simultaneoulsy, making them both time effective and time efficient. I believe in keeping things interesting, but at the same time simple and manageable.

Through the body we train the mind and liberate the spirit. My life coaching skills enable me to identify my clients’ limiting belief systems, and overcome them.

Having a trainer is not a luxury, it is a life changing investment that will pay for itself ten times over. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are far reaching and the foundation to a happy successful life.

Personal Training

ad_image_small_07One to one’s, groups, long distance coaching and life coaching consultations.

  • Clients wishing to train solely with kettlebells can do so. This is ideal for those wishing to train outside of the gym environment, and will provide a good cardio – strength workout in one. I guarantee to teach complete beginners (regardless of previous fitness level) to be proficient with the foundational KB drills within 6 sessions.
  • For those wishing to train both in the gym and at home, I would devise a tailor made program to suit the clients specific requirements, incorporating kettlebells, functional training and cross fit training.
  • I monitor the dietary intake of all clients and give feedback on a weekly basis.
  • Want to train with KB’s outside in a central London Park? – get a group together – minimum 10 people and we’ll come to you! Prices on request.
  • I am able travel to clients’ homes, but this is a select service.
  • I also offer a long distance training program for those who live out of the London area. This is a 12 week program, the full package of which includes three one to one sessions with Angie (one per month), scheduled half-hour weekly telephone life-coaching consultations, weekly progress reports, training and dietary feedback and program updates by email. Varying options available. Details upon request.
  • Life-coaching – Helping clients map out and achieve personal and proffessional goals, looking at limiting belief systems/behaviour patterns and overcoming them. Many of my clients have also given up addiction to drugs and alcohol, stopped smoking, broken binge-eating patterns and given up dependancy on anti-depressants. As a trainer I am always a life coach, but if necessary these skills can be emphasised by scheduling life-coaching consultations to accompany the training sessions. Personally I think life coaching works best when accompanied by physical training, but if requested I am happy to offer my life-coaching services without the training. ad_image_small_01

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